Extreme micro minimum-size bikinis

Super micro bikini series the most stimulative also in Aquadress, very sexy, and extreme. It is the beautiful design which attracts attention like the heroine in a high-class resort. The use material is using highest-class artificial leather etc. Take it for your summer holiday! COST US$ 34









Extreme naked bikini

the bikini which becomes cute sexily more than a nud" The nud micro bikini which becomes  beautifully more than an attractive woman's naked body. The bikini designed based on this theme. This nud micro bikini series is expressing the nudie feeling which was not considered in the old swimming suit using a thin delicate silicone strap. Take it for your summer holiday! COST US$ 44






Sexy micro mini thong bikini design




Micro bikini Top and Bottom set for Daz Victoria4. 3 mat pose included.

Miss Vietnam Bikini Le Trang